How to Create ETL in Luigi

Luigi — Kapernikov

The Almighty ETL

  • Enhanced business intelligence
  • Timely access data
  • Enhance quality and consistent
  • High return on investment (ROI)

What is Luigi?

  • Task is about doing something as the basic data processing step in a pipeline. For instance, a task can implement order processing or report generation
  • Target is doing after the task has finished which is the second building in the pipeline. For instance, the report generation create a CSV file with the actual report
  • Requires contains all the tasks instance that must be executed before the current task.
  • Output is the step to store the output task. This output contains one or more target objects.
  • Run is the step to do several logics to run the ETL
Pipeline in Luigi


  1. writing python3 -m venv ~/Documents/demoday, this is my folder path (~/Documents/demoday)
  2. Activate the virtual environment by writing this source ~/Documents/demoday/bin/activate
  3. Install Luigi by writing this pip install luigi
  4. Check the tools in your folder by writing pip list. Here is the result
Luigi has been installed


The steps to create a python project to run Luigi

Hands-on ETL using Luigi

1. Practice creating a report of sales

2. Practice compiling the existing file into one file

The pipeline of your ETL





Love in data and investment | Senior Data Analyst |

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Ari Sulistiyo Prabowo

Ari Sulistiyo Prabowo

Love in data and investment | Senior Data Analyst |

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