How I Switched my Career to Data Science Started from Intern

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I have an objective of why I write this story and share it to the public is in order to keep motivating others who are struggling to find their own career with your existing condition (I am not saying dream career or dream job, because your dream career sometimes is not proper to your existing condition and perhaps it will bother your mentality and health).

What I was when I was a student?

I loved to do an analysis of nuclear dose with its exposure such as alpha, beta, and gamma radiation in a nuclear reactor with its aspect of nuclear safety and nuclear security. I also was an active student to attend national and international education training, conference, congress, and symposium. So I thought I will graduate and work in the nuclear field. That was my guess when I was a student.

Oral Presentation in International Nuclear Chemistry Congress (INCC) 2017

What made me switch my career?

Everything had changed me when the subjects called Engineering Economy and Technopreneurship had to be taken in my last year of study in Nuclear Engineering. In these subjects, I mostly spent my time analyzing nuclear business instead of nuclear experiments. I used to analyze depreciation of assets, fixed cost, the variable cost, a margin of profit, return of investment, return of assets, and many other things. I did those things for almost one year and change my behavior of thinking to be an entrepreneur in the nuclear field with a background in nuclear engineering (what people usually called domain experts).

I didn’t directly change my career just because I did business for almost one year but I spent more of my time in business for one additional year in my own startup. I suppose to write my journey on how I make my own startup in the other story but ya I will deliver it in this story briefly. I started my own startup because I did not have any program related to the cases in the village when I did my community service that was held by Universitas Gadjah Mada. So, I make a hydroponic program that I supposed to do this program only at that moment. Fortunately, there were a lot of people ask me to teach them about hydroponic and my head said how if I spread my program widely and perhaps get passive income? I decided to commit myself to run my business for at least one year.

Hydroponic Training in Hidroagro’s Garden

I know you are curious about did I make any passive income? or was my product fit the market demand? or how many people got exposure to social impact through your business? I will make my journey in another story about this. But I already shared some pieces in my existing stories such as Why I invest myself to learn digital marketing?, How I Increase 50% Customer Acquisition in Digital Marketing using Data Science, and Data-Driven Digital Marketing Brought my Startup to Get Clients from Company

My journey to apply for a job in data science

Business is the choice that I make after graduating as a nuclear engineer from Universitas Gadjah Mada. I was searching at that time to look for what are the high demand jobs in 2020 related to business and some of the lists contain data science. The reason why I find the high demand jobs because I don’t want to fish in a pond with few fish but I want to fish in a pond with lots of fish. Therefore, I decide to choose data science as my career.

I know I need to learn and practice data science before applying for a job because I don’t want to fish with an empty bait in the pond and I know the probability that fish bite my bait are so small and the probability of fish off the hook is high. So ya, I need to learn how to fish and prepare the appropriate bait. I learn almost four months about data science and here is what I did:

  • Learning Python for the first month
  • Learning statistic, data visualization for the second month
  • Learning machine learning for the third month
  • Making a portfolio in Github during the fourth month

I usually slept only four or five hours per day during my learning because I believe that your result won’t betray your effort in the future. Here I share with you the lists of my learning

If you are the first time to find courses to be learned, you may use the free one, and please commit to it.

Finally, I got a data science intern in a startup company

I start looking at whether an internship or a full-time job to implement my learning in a real case. I found Rukita that accept my application to start my data science intern. I was trained by my senior in Rukita, Albert Rianto Wibisono, and under supervised by my CTO, Xu Zonne.

Your question will be what makes Rukita accept my application? I am not sure why I was accepted, but I asked Albert that I had a basic knowledge of data science and a good portfolio. So, I summarize what I had learned before in four months is really helpful to start my journey in the data science field as an intern.

However, once you are accepted as a data science intern, please to keep learning new things and updating your knowledge. My personal advice to you is to spend 80% of your time do the company’s task and 20% of your time exploring new things to give input to the company. Hopefully, it will motivate you whoever you are with your background but if you want to invest in other things or careers, please commit to it and at least stay on it for one year.

Upcoming story

Thank you for reading my story, I hope that I can give some motivations to get your career. If you are interested more in my writing, I have several topics and stories that I would like to share with you. Please give any comments on which one do you prefer for the upcoming stories:

  1. How is the environment in a startup company as a data science intern?
  2. How I get 30–40% of capital gain in the stock market during covid-19?

I am excited to wait for your comments and share the story with you.

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