You are preparing for yourself in the future with cold money

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In the context of money, I have been separated which money (cold money) that I use to multiple it deliberately even if I will lose during the journey.

I knew the concept of hot and cold money since I learned about investment. What I always remember until right now is

In the stock market, you can use your cold money to have a capital gain. Even if you lose, but you are okay with that because you already fulfill your daily needs with hot money

However, cold money is not only used in the investment but it can be used…

Fundamental analysis is done to measure and determine the stock which has a fair value in the market

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The reason we want to invest our money is to let our money work to get another money. Investment instrument like the stock market, cryptocurrency, mutual funds (Reksadana), and others are not always giving you capital gain unless you know how to determine what we choose will give what we want.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn — Warren Buffett

Based on what Buffett said to learn more, I provide six metrics that I always use to get the intrinsic value of the company to choose the…

Data modeling makes every stakeholder understand how the data is related to other data, or what we call Data Understanding

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It has been over a year, most people learn about data whether they choose to learn data science, data analyst, machine learning which mostly do to read CSV files and create predictive models.

However, the real job is not always talking about the predictive model. But, the more you understand your data, the more you can do and improve your company.

In this article, I would like to share my new learning about Data Modeling. Hopefully, in your first real job, you put down the first foothold with understanding the data. Here are the objectives of this article:

  1. Data modeling…

As data scientists, we need to turn data into business insight and bring impact to the company. Therefore, we need ETL as the first step to break down the data silos and make it easy to be analyzed by data scientists to achieve the goals.

Luigi — Kapernikov

In this part, I am going to explain the ETL using Luigi as the simple tool to do your task in the data pipeline. There are some goals that you will get in this article:
1. What is ETL and its benefits
2. What is Luigi and how you set up Luigi
3. Hands-on to do ETL in…

The company is looking for people who have knowledge of data to drive the company

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The Goal of this Article:

  1. Understanding structured and unstructured data
  2. Fundamental SQL (Structured Query Language)
  3. Setting up your local database with DBeaver and PostgreSQL
  4. Mini practice to start querying

The Growth of Data in the Industry

In the era of technology and big data, companies are so massive to find people with the knowledge of data to drive the company to achieve its goals. Moreover, the data is increasing every time and change into big data. So, what is big data?

Big data is a high-volume, high-velocity, and high-variety (what we call 3V) information assets that enable…

Stock Market Global — Vecteezy

Status Quo

Covid-19 that is appeared in 2019 brings impact in several sectors especially finance that forces every company to survive. Not many companies use their saves to operate and keep their employees, some companies lay off the employee which make everyone shocked to survive without any preparation. Therefore, everyone tries to find an alternative way to get income outside the company such as the stock market.

In the covid-19 situation, the stock market gets famous by everyone which many influencers who have invested so long appear and make a video how they get a lot of capital gain through social media…

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I have an objective of why I write this story and share it to the public is in order to keep motivating others who are struggling to find their own career with your existing condition (I am not saying dream career or dream job, because your dream career sometimes is not proper to your existing condition and perhaps it will bother your mentality and health).

What I was when I was a student?

I loved to do an analysis of nuclear dose with its exposure such as alpha, beta, and gamma radiation in a nuclear reactor with its aspect of nuclear safety and nuclear security. I also was…

In March 2020, I started learning about data-drive that can increase sales, decrease the cost of marketing, and so forth. At that time, I had enough data to analyze it using data science/data analyst skills and decide to use the result as the new strategy to target the next customers. The result shocks me that I have new market segmentation which is the company as my client. I know that you are curious about the way I got this big client. So, let me tell you and hopefully, you can use the same thing that I did or improve it.

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I have been using digital marketing to reach customers for more than one year in my own startup, Hidroagro. In the fourth quarter of 2019, my mentors, Mr. Toronato Tambun, and Mr. Susetyo Hario Putero told me about data is the new oil and using the data to retrieve a hidden insight and of course to pay more attention to Paying Customers. In this article, you will get information about digital marketing and a brief description of data science.

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This story will be explained based on my experience with my own startup and I will try to explain this story…

In 2018, the growth rate of the number of startups increased significantly in Indonesia. Many people talk about how to solve one particular problem with their own idea and make it into what they called ‘start-up’. In the United States, Blomberg shows its U.S. startups barometer that tells us the startup growth increased dramatically in 2018.

Ari Sulistiyo Prabowo

Love in data and investment | Senior Data Analyst |

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